Carboledger certified as PACT conformant solution by WBCSD PACT

Carboledger PACT Conformant

Blog by Purvish Shah
Published on June 9, 2023

Carboledger is proud to announce that we have been listed as a PACT (Partnership for Carbon Transparency) conformant solution by the WBCSD PACT, implementing the Pathfinder Framework.

With our PACT conformant software, we are excited to join hands with PACT and enable our clients and their entire value chain to make smart, carbon-informed business decisions to deliver on climate commitments and reach net zero.

PACT Conformant Certification

What is PACT?

PACT seeks to unlock decarbonization through real transparency in value chains by establishing global and standardized product-level carbon footprint calculation methodologies and technology infrastructure for accurate, primary, and verified Scope 3 emissions measurement and data exchange.

To do that, PACT provides a forum for stakeholders to jointly tackle this challenge, uniting businesses from across industries, technology players, industry-focused initiatives, standard-setting bodies, reporting organizations, and regulators in their shared mission.

PACT is hosted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the leading voice of business for sustainability, and developed with leading stakeholders from across the entire carbon ecosystem, leveraging its role as co-convenor of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Who is a certified PACT conformant?

To become a PACT conformant solution, organizations must follow a precise process. It begins with gathering data on the carbon emissions and environmental impacts of their products or services, adhering to PACT guidelines. This data is then assessed using PACT’s methodology. Validation by an accredited third party ensures accuracy and compliance with PACT standards. Once validated, organizations can publish their data in a standardized format for transparency and data exchange. They also provide a conformity statement, signifying their commitment to transparent carbon data.

Certified PACT conformant organizations may have their data included in the PACT Catalog, indicating their dedication to carbon transparency and sustainability and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Carboledger's Certification as a PACT Conformant Software

Carboledger has completed an interoperability test, through which we now officially adhere to the technical specifications published by PACT. The successful completion of conformance testing ensures that our solution, recognized as PACT conformant software, will be able to mutually exchange product-level carbon footprint data in a secure and interoperable way.

Our PACT conformant solution will now allow you to securely share your data with customers by integrating directly with their ERP system or carbon accounting platform, irrespective of the provider (SAP, Oracle, Sphera, etc.) In the global supply chain of the chemical industry, it is important to be able to interconnect with other solutions in order to share product carbon footprint information across countries and companies. Therefore, we are excited to be part of the PACT ecosystem and support our clients to create carbon transparency and unlock faster climate action.

We will continue to respond to revisions to the Pathfinder Framework/Network of the WBCSD PACT and will strengthen our support for climate change countermeasures for our clients.

At Carboledger, our mission is to help companies decarbonize their supply chain with accurate, primary data that is compliant from day zero. Using Carboledger’s secure network, enterprises can share and access verified product carbon footprint information. Our unique business model empowers companies to gain visibility on their real Scope 3 emissions and reduce dependency on estimation-based carbon accounting.

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