Top 5 LCA Consulting Services In the Chemical Industry: An Insider Approach

Top 5 LCA consulting firms in the chemical industry

Blog by Sona Ruby Chacko
Published on October 12, 2023

LCA consulting services play a vital role as guides in the complex realm of environmental sustainability. In today’s era of heightened environmental consciousness and sustainability demands, the manufacturing and chemical industry are under increasing pressure to evaluate and reduce their products’ carbon footprint. This comprehensive analysis, known as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), covers the entire lifecycle of a product, from raw material extraction to disposal, aiming to identify areas for improvement in resource usage, energy efficiency, and emissions reduction.

At Carboledger, we believe in supporting companies in their journey towards carbon transparency, and for enterprises, strategic consultancy is a key step in this direction. Here we present the 5 best consulting firms for LCA across North America and Europe.

Top 5 LCA Consulting Services In the Chemical Industry

List of LCA consulting firms in the chemical industry

EarthShift Global - Advancing your sustainability

Founded in 2000 by LCA expert Lise Laurin, EarthShift Global has become a renowned consultancy specializing in sustainability strategy, LCA, supply chain analysis, and more. Their team of seasoned professionals assists businesses in the chemical industry to integrate environmental considerations into their operations.

LCA consulting services for the chemical industry 

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): EarthShift Global excels at evaluating the environmental impact of products or processes throughout their lifecycle. This empowers organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, optimize processes, and minimize resource use.

Sustainability Strategy: The company helps clients develop comprehensive sustainability strategies aligned with their business goals, identifying areas for improvement, setting sustainability targets, and implementing strategies to achieve them.

Supply Chain Analysis: Recognizing the impact of supply chains on environmental outcomes, EarthShift Global provides analysis to identify risks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement.

Eco-design and Innovation: EarthShift Global supports businesses in creating environmentally friendly products and services through eco-design principles and innovation.

ERM (Environmental Resources Management) - At ERM sustainability is our business

Established in 1971, ERM (Environmental Resources Management) is a leading provider of environmental, health, and safety consulting services in the chemical industry. They assist companies in managing environmental risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and navigating environmental assessments and permitting.

LCA consulting services for the chemical industry

Environmental Consulting: ERM helps clients manage environmental risks by ensuring regulatory compliance and conducting environmental assessments and permitting.

Sustainability Services: The firm provides strategic guidance for businesses looking to embed sustainability into their core operations, including sustainability strategy development, carbon and water footprint assessments, and support for sustainable supply chain management.

Health, Safety, and Risk Management: ERM’s risk management services focus on ensuring the safety of employees and communities, helping organizations identify and manage health and safety risks associated with their operations.

Social Impact and Community Engagement: ERM assists clients in establishing meaningful relationships with local communities and stakeholders.

Digital Solutions and Innovation: ERM leverages technology to drive innovation in sustainability and environmental management, including tools for data analytics, visualization, and decision-making support.

PRé Sustainability - Fact based sustainability

Founded in 1990 by LCA pioneer Mark Goedkoop, PRé Sustainability is a respected global player in sustainability consulting. They focus on helping organizations in the chemical industry make informed decisions by providing robust data analysis, strategic guidance, and innovative solutions.

LCA consulting services for the chemical industry

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): PRé Sustainability excels in LCA, providing insights into products’ ecological footprints and allowing clients to identify areas for improvement and implement sustainability strategies.

Sustainable Product Development: The company assists businesses in integrating sustainability into their product development processes, optimizing designs, minimizing impacts, and enhancing product performance.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management: PRé Sustainability offers expertise in assessing supply chain impacts, identifying risks, and collaborating with partners to achieve collective sustainability goals.

Data Analytics and Software: PRé Sustainability has developed SimaPro, a leading LCA software tool, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Training and Capacity Building: The company offers training programs and workshops to equip professionals with the skills needed to integrate sustainability practices effectively.

Quantis - Environmental sustainability consultancy

Founded in Switzerland in 2006, Quantis has rapidly become a global leader in sustainability consulting. Their unique approach involves applying science-based methodologies, cutting-edge analytics, and strategic thinking to empower clients with actionable sustainability solutions.

LCA consulting services for the chemical industry

Sustainability Strategy and Reporting: Quantis helps businesses define sustainability strategies aligned with their goals, quantify their environmental impact, set targets, and transparently communicate their progress.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): With deep LCA expertise, Quantis enables clients to understand the environmental impacts across a product’s life cycle, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize processes.

Circular Economy and Product Design: The consultancy guides companies in adopting circular economy principles and sustainable design practices.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Quantis collaborates with businesses to assess supply chain impacts, identify risks, and develop strategies for collective sustainability improvements.

Carbon and Water Footprinting: Quantis assists clients in measuring carbon and water footprints, providing insights for resource consumption and emissions reduction.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: The consultancy helps clients assess and mitigate their impacts on ecosystems while exploring opportunities for positive contributions.

Sphera - ESG performance and risk management software, data and consulting services

Established in 1991, Sphera consulting services have become a vital asset for enterprises in the chemical industry aiming to refine their operations and boost sustainability. Prioritizing the delivery of practical insights and remedies, Sphera possesses extensive expertise spanning different sectors and environmental realms. The impact of Sphera consulting services on diverse industries is lasting, given their dedication to sustainability, adherence to regulations, and promotion of efficiency.

LCA consulting services for the chemical industry

Corporate sustainability: Their scalable software empowers large organizations, utilizing their extensive expertise, to effortlessly navigate various reporting frameworks and fulfill stakeholder initiatives while ensuring compliance with emerging ESG standards.

Product sustainability: Sphera’s Managed Life Cycle Databases (formerly known as GaBi) provide the most extensive collection of high-quality databases that are updated annually to meet the data requirements of users.

Sustainability consulting: The consultancy’s services assist companies to boost sustainability by analyzing their current state, identifying environmental hotspots, establishing targets, and ongoing monitoring of improvements.

Health and safety management: Their all-encompassing integrated software enhances incident prevention and management through the acquisition, monitoring, examination, reporting, and evaluation of health and safety data.

Chemical management: Sphera’s Chemical Management software helps businesses monitor the production process, facilitating precise, predictable, and scalable chemical programs tailored to today’s dynamic regulatory environment and the global supply chain.

Acquiring an insider’s viewpoint into the top 5 LCA consulting services within the chemical sector proves to be immensely beneficial. These companies offer a rich reservoir of knowledge and proficiency, aiding enterprises in maneuvering the intricate realm of sustainability towards their path to carbon transparency. Collaborating with these consulting services empowers businesses to arrive at well-informed choices, curtail their environmental impact, and play a role in shaping a sustainable future for both the industry and the planet.

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